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DataForSEO Databases: Overview

We have designed DataForSEO Databases to meet the business needs of larger companies. If your project requires obtaining big volumes of data or implies strict security requirements, a private manageable database is the best solution for you.

Keyword Database

Keyword Database contains over 2.5 billion search terms enriched with related data: search volume trends, cpc, competition, impressions, and more. Keyword data is collected from several sources, including Google AdWords and Google search engine results pages. We’re continuously adding new keywords to the database, and updating keyword data gradually in the second part of each month (due to AdWords’ update cycle).

Available database formats: JSON and CSV.

SERP Databases

Get over 500 million Google results pages with search volume, CPC, competition, monthly searches, and impressions info for each keyword. The related SERP elements are provided with all essential data, including rank, estimated traffic volume and cost. The SERPs database is updated gradually. It takes between 60 and 90 days to update all the SERPs.

Regular SERP Database contains standard organic and paid search results.
Available database formats: JSON and CSV.

Advanced SERP Database, in addition to organic and paid results, encompasses all extra SERP features, such as rich snippets, knowledge graphs, etc.
Available database formats: JSON.


The cost depends on the size and location parameters of the specific database.

Keyword Database Pricing >>
SERP Database Pricing >>

If your project requires regular database updates, we can deliver updated data to your storage (AWS S3, SFTP, Google Cloud, etc.) for 50% of the standard price.

Contact us to discuss specific terms. We can create a custom database based on your requirements.