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Backlinks API: Overview

Backlinks API is designed to be your flexible, fast, and reliable solution for getting quality data on inbound links, referring domains and referring pages for any domain, subdomain, or webpage. This API supplies data based on the live index. We crawl the web each second nonstop, so the stats you get are always up to the moment.

We’re continuously evolving our crawling infrastructure, enlarging our index, and enriching the datasets with new stats. You can always check up-to-the-moment volume of our backlink database by calling the Index endpoint.

Backlinks API currently has the following set of mission-tailored endpoints that will supply you with a wealth of backlink data:

  • Summary will give you a complete backlink profile of the target.
  • History will reveal the target’s past link-building performance.
  • Backlinks will return a detailed list of the target’s backlinks.
  • Anchors will furnish you with the target’s anchor texts and stats.
  • Domain Pages will uncover pages with the highest and lowest amount of backlinks.
  • Domain Pages Summary provides a summary of all backlinks and related metrics for each page of the target domain or subdomain.
  • Referring Domains will provide backlink data broken down by domains pointing to the target.
  • Referring Networks will uncover IP addresses and subnets that are sending backlinks to the target.
  • Competitors will list competitors sharing a part of the backlink profile with the target.
  • Domain Intersection will list domains pointing to the specified targets.
  • Page Intersection will list referring pages pointing to the specified targets.
  • Timeseries Summary will provide backlink data for the target domain available during a period between the two indicated dates.
  • New & Lost Timeseries will provide the number of new and lost backlinks and referring domains for the specified target.

Using any endpoint, you can specify the number of results you want to retrieve, filter, and sort them. We do not charge any fees for using data filtering or sorting rules.

DataForSEO Backlinks API allows applying custom filtration to the dataset that will be retrieved. By using filters, you can effortlessly get exactly the data you need. For more information, please refer to the Filters in the Backlinks API.

In addition to the endpoints listed above, Backlinks API also allows retrieving backlink stats for up to 1000 domains, subdomains, or pages. Using bulk endpoints, you can get:

To find answers on common questions about DataForSEO Backlinks API and find guidance on efficient use of its features, visit our Help Center.


DataForSEO Backlinks API supports only the Live method of data retrieval. It doesn’t require making separate POST and GET requests to the corresponding endpoints and delivers instant results. You can send up to 2000 API calls per minute. Contact us if you want to raise the limit.
Note that the maximum number of requests that can be sent simultaneously is limited to 30.


To use DataForSEO Backlinks API, you’ll need to sign up for a Backlinks API access.

The amount you pay to gain access to Backlinks API is added to your account balance, which you can spend on Backlinks API as well as any other DataForSEO API. Learn more about the pricing model of Backlinks API in our help article.

The cost can be calculated on the Pricing page. You can check your spending in your account dashboard or by making a separate call to the User Data endpoint.

You can test Backlinks API for free using DataForSEO Sandbox.