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Google AdWords Keywords Data API: Overview


Google AdWords Keywords Data API is a legacy version that is replaced by Google Ads API. If you’re using DataForSEO Google AdWords API, you need to migrate to DataForSEO Google Ads API.


Google AdWords Keywords Data API will provide you with:


You can get the full list of available endpoints here. The returned results are specific to the indicated language and location parameters. We use Google AdWords API as a data source. Thus, the locations supported in Keywords Data API are identical to Google Geographical Targeting.

Subsequently the restrictions of Keywords Data API are related to Google Advertising Policy. We are not able to return data for keywords that fall into such categories as weapons, tobacco, drugs, violence, terrorism, etc. If you want to learn more about Google restrictions and prohibited categories, check the article on our blog.

Generally, Google updates keyword data in the middle of the month. Use the Get AdWords Status endpoint to check if Google updated keyword data for the previous month.


The cost of using Keywords Data endpoints depends on the selected method and priority of task execution. Available methods and priorities are described below.

DataForSEO has two main methods to deliver the results: Standard and Live.

If your system requires delivering instant results, the Live method is the best solution for you. Unlike the Standard method, this method doesn’t require making separate POST and GET requests to the corresponding endpoints.

If you don’t need to receive data in real-time, you can use the Standard method of data retrieval. This method requires making separate POST and GET requests, but it’s more affordable. Using this method, you can retrieve the results after our system collects them.

‌Alternatively, you can specify pingback_url or postback_url when setting a task, and we will notify you on completion of tasks or send them to you respectively.

If you need to set several tasks, you can receive the list of id for all completed tasks using ‘Tasks Ready’ endpoint, and then collect the results of each separate task using ‘Task GET’ endpoint.

Learn more about task completion and obtaining a list of completed tasks in this help center article.

You can send up to 2000 API calls per minute. Contact us if you would like to raise the limit.


The price depends on the method of data retrieval. The cost can be calculated on the Pricing page.

You can test Keywords Data API for free using DataForSEO Sandbox.