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Welcome to DataForSEO API!

DataForSEO v3 is live now! Check the docs for the new version>>

DataForSEO API is the starting point on your journey towards building a powerful SEO software. With DataForSEO you can get all the data you’d need to build an efficient application while also saving your time and your budget.

DataForSEO API is using REST technology for interchanging data between your application and our service. The data exchange is made by the HTTP protocol. The data exchange is made through the widely used HTTP protocol, which allows applying our API to almost all programming languages.

You can create your REST class or use the following ready-made classes:

Language Description
PHP Simple Rest Client PHP REST Client build with cURL. Author Fabio Agostinho Boris.
PHP DataForSEO Client Alternate PHP Client. Author Vitaliy Lyabakh – jovixv
Python Simple Rest Client Python REST Client. Author DataForSEO.
C# DataForSEO Client C# DataForSEO Ready Client. Author DataForSEO.

Below you’ll find PHP, Python, C#, and Java examples:

Language Description
PHP Examples PHP examples.
Python Examples Python examples.
C# Examples C# examples.
Java Examples Java examples.
POSTMAN Examples POSTMAN examples.
POSTMAN Documenter Online POSTMAN Documenter.

All data exchange should be UTF-8 encoded.

All the responses are returned in the JSON format by default, but we also support responses in the XML format – just append .xml to the end of your request. In addition to that, you can compress retrieved data in the gzip format, for which you’ll have to append .gzip to the request.

For example, the following requests will return responses encoded as specified above:
Instead of the default JSON-encoded response: